Epilogue from Roses in December

Q: what is an epilogue?
A: Epilogue is an introductory part in the manner of conclusion of some written document. The basic statements involve in the epilogue are the part of the major issues and the incidents mentioned in that written document.
Q: When and how the emasculation of judiciary happen according to M.C CHAGLA?
A: In the part of his autobiography the epilogue mention the time when the power of judiciary reduced. It was the time of emergency. Though Chagla  did not want to write upon this drastic movement of Indian History but his secularism and demand of time encourage him to write about this drastic period.

Q: .What was Chagla's views about justice Ray?
A: Chagla describe that justice Ray was characteristically dicurtiois and disloyal. He was the man of arrogance and vindictive and rude to those members of the bar who had taken an active part in the agitation against suppression.

Q: What were the reasons of imposing emergency?
A:India Gandhi brought about the split in Congress and supported Sanjeeva Reddy for the president's hip while the other party members against this name.

Second, the suppression of the three supreme court judges, and due to this reason she declare guilty of corrupt by justice Sinha and the next making party emerged 'the Janta party'. Thus these two incidents terrorised Mrs. Gandhi that the power and authority is slipping away from her hands that's why she imposed emergency in the nation.

Q: What was the public justification from the government at the emergency period?
A: The government justified that there was a conspiracy against their P M  and the country would be caught by the darkness, if she would be thrown out from the government.

Q: what is the meaning of m.c. chaglaby saying 'a new class of untochables'?
A: chagla mentioned about a new  class of untouchables as well as he consider himself as untouchable as well as the then PM censored,the eentire press and dismiss the article 14,21and 22. So that no-one can express themselves freely and spontaneously. As because of  being a citizen he was unable to express himself under this complete press censorship Chagla consider himself the untouchable .

Q: What was Chagla's views on emergency?
A: Chagla exclaim that emergency was an direct attack on democracy and the then PM was thinking of her own position rather democracy.
Unfortunately, the generation of that time witnessing the rule of law. Inhumanity and barbarism was an height at that time. It was a sordid and brutal time for the entire nation.

Q: what were Chagla's views on freedom?
A: Chagla view that freedom is indivisible and loss of freedom in one part of a world was a loss of freedom in the whole world.

Q: why Chagla was not detained by the government at the period of emergency?

A: chagla was not detained by the government because of his secularity and  he was not an agitator. So that, if the government detained him then the policies of the government. Violently opposed by the people and the government itself.

Q: what is the 42nd amendment of the constitution?
A: A 42nd amendment is about granted power to the president to disqualify members of state legislature .The 42nd amendment also added a new section to the article on fundamental duties in the constitution.


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